Accessible Venice rents mobility aids and beach chairs for any place and occasion including each of the following:

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Any other City
in Veneto region

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Mountains, hills
and natural park

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Thermal areas


Venice is one of the most important tourist destinations in the world for its celebrated art and architecture. The city has an average of 50,000 tourists a day. Venice is a unique city not only for its artistic richness and natural environment but also for its particular morphology. The city is made up of 121 islets linked by 435 bridges, suggesting that the city is difficult to move about in and enjoy not only for people with reduced mobility but also for the elderly carrying their shopping, parents pushing a pram and visitors with their luggage. In fact, thanks to an effective public transport policy and measures implemented down the years by the City Council, the accessibility situation is much more satisfying than you might imagine. The absense of car traffic makes it a friendly and enjoyable city for all. In order to valorise this opportunity and enable the greatest possible number of disabled people to visit the city, Venice City Council has launched a vast communication and public awareness campaign. The aim is to make the information and opportunities as widely known.
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The sea of the Veneto is among the clearest and clean seas of the Mediterranean. The resorts are distinguished by the care of their beaches and urban structures, the surrounding countryside, and the efficiency of the services. 100km of beaches and a sea safe for all the family: sports and leisure pursuits, culture and tradition, excellent cuisine, make our shores the perfect destination for every type of holidaymaker.

Jesolo, Cavallino, Bibione, Caorle, Eraclea, Sottomarina, Lido di Venezia, Rosolina, Albarella.

Any other City in Veneto Region

The only tourist itinerary to extend across the whole of the Veneto is that dedicated to those passionate about art, thus providing a unity in the name of the secular treasures of history, art and customs which each town, even the smallest, preserves. Art tourism, of which the Veneto holds the crown, is growing year after year, also in the ‘minor’ towns.
Treviso, Padova, Verona.

Mountains, Hills and Natural Park

Among the many natural and artistic marvels of our region the hill area features prominently: an area near and yet apart, whose fascination lies in the authenticity of its traditions, which have escaped the onslaught of progress, remaining faithful to their origins. In the hills of the Veneto the history, tastes and aromas and its health culture await you in a unique and magical scenery.

Euganean Hills, Berici Hills, Treviso Hills.


The eastern coast of Lake Garda and the smaller lakes in the mountaneous region represent another value of our region: clear expanses of water that reflect the surrounding beauty of light and colour, the monuments and traces of life that man has left on these shores. Lakes that are also temples of sport, of olive oil and the best wines.
Lake Garda.

Thermal Areas

A bath for well-being. The Veneto also signifies thermal spas: in fact it is the largest thermal basin in all of Europe, and is certainly the place where the culture of health and beauty has reached its greatest level. The services offered at our spas are in fact the most advanced you will encounter, combined with excellent cuisine, history, art and culture.

Abano, Montegrotto.